Ignite Your Brilliance :: Working with you to beat self doubt
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Hi, I’m Olive.

I work with professional men and women like you, who are struggling with self-doubt. I work with you to seize opportunities, be open to new possibilities and be your true self.

Hello & welcome!

Is self-doubt:

Undermining your self-confidence and chipping away at a belief in yourself and your abilities?

Leaving you feeling as if you are going to screw up, fall flat on your face, make a mistake or fail?

Keeping you stuck, immobile and unable to move forward?

Creating harsh, unsupportive self-talk, a critical voice which keeps creeping into your thoughts. These thoughts may even play like background noise/static of a radio in your head…

Limiting your choices as you let some great opportunities pass you by?

Did any of the above statements ring true for you? If yes, then a very warm welcome you are in the right place.

To you, it seems that everyone else has got it together, while you are left isolated and struggling. Sometimes it can feel that it is only you who is feeling this way.

Firstly, I want to reassure you that self-doubt is normal. Everyone experiences it to some degree whether at work, in a relationship or socially. It’s what you do when you experience self doubt that is important.

I believe there is a part of you, whether it is a small voice, or a knowing buried deep down inside of you that knows that you can do/be or achieve what you desire. It knows your potential, the true you, your brilliance – the best you. However, doubt has crept in and chipped away bit by bit at your confidence and faith that you have in yourself.

I want to let you know that you are not alone. Even the most successful people feel and experience self doubt. They have learnt tools and strategies, and have built the inner foundation, which enables them to effectively cope with doubt when it rears its head.

Imagine if you could:

Learn to identify the triggers of self doubt that keep you stuck and unable to move forward

Remove the self-imposed obstacles, which are preventing you from leading a fulfilled life

Clear what is holding you back so that you are no longer stopped in your tracks when doubt rears it head

Clear the 'you' that you think you are in order to let the real you (your brilliance) come through unapologetically.

build your inner foundation

You too can build the inner foundation, learn the strategies and tools to clear and let go of the emotions and thoughts and beliefs that are leading to your self-doubt. You do not have to struggle alone; I would be honoured to partner with you.

Would you like to learn more about working with me? I want to hear your desire, goals, and challenges.   Let’s connect and see what is possible, and if we are a fit.